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The HUB’s Artist in Residence: Jonathan Britten

Elemental 7 - 'Bubble Blowing' and Elemental 8 - 'Divine Union' (both acrylic on canvas board, Elemental 7 measuring 20x24")

We are very excited to announce our next artist in residence at The HUB, Jonathan Britten, who will be working on a large series of around 40 paintings titled ‘The Elementals’ over the course of the next month.

Jonathan is an artist from Laycock, Keighley, who has been creative for over 30 years of his life in between working and family life. He started drawing again back in September last year, after a decade of not picking up a pencil. Jonathan will be in the studio and be able to speak to visitors (with suitable Covid precautions taken) and will also be exhibiting his work at The HUB during May. Be sure to pop in to meet him and see his working methods in action!

Elemental 2 and Elemental 4 (both acrylic on canvas board measuring 20x24")

Residency applications for The HUB are open on an ongoing basis, and we welcome proposals from any discipline. If you are interested, please contact us at with examples of your work and all relevant information.


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