Local* Practicing Visual Artists** can apply to become a Member of CRAVEN ARTS

Anyone can become a Supporting Member


-Join CRAVEN ARTS for creative connections and cultural visibility in Craven!

-Members are able feature their website and news on Craven Arts website and social media.

 -Members are in priority to rent the Artist Studios and  the Workshop/meeting room(s)

-Members are invited to all of the Charity events and get discounts from local businesses.

-Together we can form a creative community in Craven benefitting all residents, visitors and artists alike!

New Members are accepted in an open deadline basis.


Member duties and obligations:

 -To act in good faith, and in the charity’s interests

 -To pay membership fees in time

- 2hour Artist Pledge Network donation

 -To attend annual meetings

 -To exercise Members voting rights


-Join to Craven Arts for creative connections and to support creativity in Craven!

-A Supporting Member can be anyone willing to support the Charity with a yearly membership fee, donation(s) and  volunteering.

 -Supporting Members are invited to Charity  events and get discounts.

-New Supporting Members are automatically accepted at any date.



Membership and Supporting Membership costs £20/Year

*Local: postal address in Craven or 20miles from Skipton

**VISUAL ARTIST: Please see a list of considered visual arts with membership form.


Craven Arts Membership Guidelines,

Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy download

Submit Membership application here