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Craven Arts is a proud supporter of local young peoples creative education and guidance. 

Every week in we host workshops, mentor and educate dozens of people under 25. 

The consequence will be hundreds of young people a year having the opportunity to learn creativity and innovation for their future purposes. 

If Skipton is the gateway to the Dales,

Craven Arts is the gateway to the Creative Industries! 


Craven Arts & Craven Arts House
cting Creative Craven 



Craven Arts House 
55 Otley St, Skipton, BD23 1ET

A Creative Incubator for young people,

A Home for local creative industries.










Community Hall for hire:
Bands can play here, performances can be made and seminars and meetings can be held.
Enquire for more details.
Hall Hire with heating £45.00 per hour
Without heating £20.00 per hour

Music Rehearsal Room:
Hire £10.00 per hour

Education Room hire:
The space can be hired for small meetings or a regular event: £20.00 per hour.  

Otley St Gallery, open 11am to 4pm Wednesday to Saturday

Craven Arts House is a multi disciplinary space with a gallery, studio provision, music rooms, honesty cafe and shop in the centre of Skipton. Craven Arts runs a full educational art and craft programme from the building. Craven Arts aims to nurture creative talent, supporting both those that are starting out in the arts, those who are already involved or wish to experience creativity at any age from the community. 

We offer targeted support for young people through a variety of programmes:
Creative Craven programme supporting people under 30 of exceptional talent on a business accelerator programme, to become successfully self employed/employable. 

The Music Rooms

The Music Rehearsal Room is available from £10.00 per hour.

Please email to register for room use. 

Application Form for Music Rooms Project

Please fill the pdf application form from link below and email it to:

or email us to that address to get a different format of application form.


Please enquire separately for use of the linked recording studio.

A green screen is also available for making youtube videos and the rehearsal room and recording studio together are suitable for personal recording projects and podcasts.


Terms and conditions


The fee is £10.00 per hour


The fee includes: 

Vocal PA

Vocal microphones x 4 (SM58

Bass amp (Orange Crush 50 combo)

Guitar amp x 2 (Bugera V22 combo and Harley Benton Tube 15 combo)

Gretsch Catalina 5 piece drum kit with snare, kick pedal and cymbals


*Feel free to bring your own drum breakables






Gallery Space
Craven Arts House is home to the Otley St Gallery
Welcome to our gallery with a rolling exhibition programme. 
Opening times:
Wednesday to Saturday
11am to 4pm. 

Studio Spaces
Craven Arts runs 9 studio spaces in Skipton, 4 in 7a Otley St and 5 in Craven Arts House. 

For enquiries email to:

Community Hall

For hire - bands can play here, performances can be made and seminars and meetings can be held. Enquire for more details
Hall Hire with heating £45.00 per hour
Without heating £20.00 per hour

Education Room hire

Our busy space can be hired for small meetings or a regular event: £20.00 per hour.  

Shop and Honesty Cafe
Boost your trip to Craven Arts House with a visit to our new shop and honesty cafe area. 

WHATS ON this Summer ‘23

Try out one of our free summer sessions (link through to the free summer sessions here) as part of the Skipton Now festival taking place this August ‘23. Friday’s and Saturday’s 2pm to 4pm in the Education Room.

Sign up for one of our top rated Autumn season courses here

Makers Fair and Open Studios Weekend 
Visit the Makers Fair this August 26th and 27th, 11am to 4pm, and see the range of lovely items for sale. We will be holding an Open Studios weekend too, with a chance to meet the makers. 

Craven Arts leases Craven Arts House from NYC and is supported in it’s operations by the council. Through the last few years we have developed close working ties with CDC (now NYC) and this will continue with more creative collaborations. The building is not quite finished. Craven Arts will continue to fundraise for the next few years to get this beautiful building completely refurbished. 

If you want to know more about the history of this fascinating old school building, visit our exhibition on the subject on Craven Arts House location.

Recording At Craven Arts House music studio
Music Studio AKR_Production at Craven Arts House
AKR_Rehearsalroom - 1.jpeg
Craven Arts House Art Workshop for children
Mentoring young people at Craven Arts
Craven Arts House Craft Workshop
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