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Music Rooms

This Project is now closed until Autumn 2024, when we hope to rerun it.

The Music Rooms are ready to hire, please enquire at Perfect for audio projects of any kind. The rehearsal rooms are £10.00 an hour to hire and the recording studio £20.00 per hour. Arthur the tech can be available to assist with your project at no extra charge. 

INTERESTED IN WORKING IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY? At Craven Arts House in Skipton, you can learn the skills to work in a recording studio, work with live music, be creative, and promote yourself.


We are looking for a group of 12 keen and enthusiastic 15 to 19 year olds to take part in the Music Rooms project. Over a 4 month period you will learn about recording studio practice, fulfill a performance project with the group, make a collaborative recording of a band song, and create a professional portfolio.


You will receive mentoring from established professionals and take part in a series of learning sessions in:


  • Songwriting

  • Turntablism

  • Music Production (Logic and Ableton)

  • Live sound engineering

  • Promotion 

  • Portfolio


The sessions will take place outside school hours, during the holidays and on Saturdays. 


Email to with Music Rooms Project in the subject line and we will send an application form.


The small print 


  • We welcome young adults from low income backgrounds. This means parents and carers are on a state benefit such as universal credit

  • Friends and family are encouraged to attend performances

  • You don’t have to perform to take part in this project, as we are also looking for people to take part in organising and engineering 

  • All the learning sessions will take place at the Craven Arts House with DBS checked tutors and staff. 

Application Form for Music Rooms

Application Form for Music Rooms Project

Please fill the pdf application form from link below and email it to:

or email us to that address get a different format of application form.



Music Recording


Craven Arts is a proud supporter of local young peoples creative education and guidance. 

Every week in we host workshops, mentor and educate dozens of people under 25. 

The consequence will be hundreds of young people a year having the opportunity to learn creativity and innovation for their future purposes. 

If Skipton is the gateway to the Dales,

Craven Arts is the gateway to the Creative Industries!

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Music recording
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