It all started from grapevine news in April 2018 that there was a shop to rent in Otley Street, Skipton. A short conversation on the phone confirmed that the location (an old hairdresser salon) price was right and very soon there were many Craven Arts Members happily wearing overalls holding paintbrushes and getting the place ready to be an affordable shop and working studio space for local artists.

First things first! We needed to paint away the very deep purple that covered most every surface. That took several coats of white and some cups of tea.

The ledge covering pipe work needed a new cover and some joinery; thankfully we had a pair of capable hands that did a great job for the new fittings.

Here the finished space. It will host the shop of the resident artists, workshop space and one Studio space for Craven Arts members for creating their art.

Upstairs, at the landing, we made place for another artist studio.

We took away a partition wall and an empty cover box for old unused pipes. Thank you again Nigel for the manpower for moving elements to make the fantastic space!

After multiple liters of white paint the victory was gained over the old purple walls.

The Studio space is now ready for a member of Craven Arts to enjoy creating in.

Craven Arts has some trestle tables for the space but everything else is up to the resident artist to bring along.

Toilet also got a white coat of paint and mirror installed as well!

The small Studio room upstairs was another challenge in purple combat.

The floor also needed renewal of a new levelling and linoleum cover.

Once that was done a one very happy Craven Arts member instantly moved in.